Dodge Renaissance Academy is a teacher training site for the Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL). The AUSL Urban Teacher Residency Program is dedicated to preparing the next generation of exceptional teachers and school leaders to go into Chicago’s challenging, unique and emerging public schools. Our resident teachers spend the entire school year as teacher apprentices, learning strategies for effective instruction from dedicated master urban teacher mentors. They engage in regular opportunities to provide instruction and improve their practice. During their year-long residency at Dodge, the resident teachers also attend classes at National Louis University or the University of Illinois at Chicago. At the conclusion of a successful year, they will graduate with a Master’s degree and state certification. They then go on to teach in underperforming schools in the CPS system. This creates a talented and enthusiastic pipeline of professionals who are committed to bringing long-term change in our city’s public education system.

The Academy for Urban School leadership was founded in 2001. It is a non-for-profit teacher preparation and school management organization working in partnership with Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to effect the transformation of underperforming schools. AUSL was founded by Martin J. Koldyke, venture capitalist and founder of the Golden Apple Foundation. He inspired and engaged a group of business and community leaders to design a program that would significantly advance and reform the teaching profession.

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