Game 1 – Dodge 28, Chicago Academy 0
Game 2 – Dodge 12, Morton 0
Game 3 – Dodge 19, NTA 0
Game 4 – Dodge 20, Harvard 6
Game 5 – Dodge 21, Howe 7
Game 6 – Dodge 12, Sherman 0
Game 7 – Tarkington 14, Dodge 7
Playoff Game – Dodge 24, Tarkington 8
AUSL Bowl – NTA 21, Dodge 0

Dodge Academy’s football teamThe Dodge Academy Firebirds had a great season. Many more ups than downs. Head Coach Burkes was joined by Offensive Coordinator Coach M. Wiley and Defensive Coordinator A. Seifer. The team was lead by Student Team Captains.

During the three years of the AUSL Elementary School Football League (Under the direction of Commissioner John Byrne) Dodge Academy has won two championships trophies and one finalist trophy. We have every intention of continuing the tradition of being there at the end.

None of these great experiences our student athletes have enjoyed would be possible without the support and direction from our principals, Mr. Morris and Mrs. Moriarty.