The dance program at Dodge Renaissance Academy


The dance program at Dodge Renaissance Academy is part of the Sankofa Performing Arts Program and has expanded this school year to include tap dancing. Presently, there are approximately sixty children participating in the arts program, of which forty of them are tap dancing. The dance program is directed by Ms. Gretta Chamberlain, the school’s librarian.

Most of the older students belong to the Joffrey Middle School Dance Club, which is sponsored by the Joffrey Ballet, an internationally recognized dance company. Its program exposes young dancers to professional dance performances, as well as, various dance genres. This year’s theme is representative of the Big Band Era. Consequently, the children are learning to dance the Lindy Hop, Swing, and other dances of that period.

Hopefully, this school year, praise dancing, hip hop, and more African dancing will be added to the dance schedule as the dancers advance in their skills. The Joffrey dancers have been invited to perform at the South Shore Cultural Center and will go on a school tour in May. At this time, all performers are preparing for the end-of-the-school year dance recital. All are welcome to attend and show support for the efforts that the students have made throughout the school year.